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It's all in your court...!

Here is my story...!

30 years ago I started my tennis cleaning company.

At that time the synthetic grass carpet was on the market for few years only and nothing was invented yet to clean and restore that type of surfacing...!

I invented the Superten to remove and clean the worst contaminated sanded surfaces. All around the fences and trees shades the moss ( mildew )  and black spots will start to spread all over court if nothing is done to remain to the situation.


At that time that was very hard work...

But with the Superten and other inventions of mine, it is now way more efficient and we do better cleaning jobs...!


Some customers will try all kinds of things such as water pressure cleaning...! Please don't do that because you have around 30 tons of sand into the carpet... 1- You will push the moss deep into the carpet so it will grow back stronger 2- How much sand are going to remove to rebalance the sand into the carpet after the cleaning 3- you will have to re-install new sand and spread it evenly. 4- Disposal of the old removed sand.

I can do the job in only one day without removing any sand away from the carpet and your court will look like new again...!
Steps for a good cleaning job
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